Website Launch

We’re online! Registration process is now enabled. Here you will find – at least for now – a bulletin board for cargo jobs, which you can take with your group.
Of course it is your GMs’ job to fill these plain jobs with life in your gaming sessions.

There will be more features soon. A base for your group, galaxy wide events, bounty jobs, and much more.

Just do me a favor, when anything doesn’t work as it should, drop me a message. Prefered in the ffg forums in this thread. But I will implement another way of contact shortly.

Please be fair. Take only the jobs you really want to deliver. There is no sense in blocking a great amount of jobs, the money will not be tracked. At least not yet.
After all, payment to your group will only happen by your GM 😉

And now I wish you all a lot of fun with this project.